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And the Oscar goes to …


Courtesy of Dog News Daily

… well we’ll have to wait until Monday to find out. No I haven’t got that wrong. The people Oscars do take place on a Sunday, on February 26th in fact, but this year there’s another very important date in the Oscar calendar. For Monday, 13th February, sees the inauguration of the annual dog Oscars. The Golden Collar awards have been created by Alan Siskind, the founder and CEO of Dog News Daily, a digital-media and marketing company.

Courtesy of Getty Images/Kevin Winter

Uggie has two nominations!

It’s about time.  Dogs have played an important part in movies for over a hundred years. The first being Rover the Collie in a British short, filmed in 1905; he was followed by many more. Some now forgotten, others enshrined in movie memory.  Old Yeller and Lassie and Rin Tin Tin. Skip, Marley and Hooch. To say nothing of the dogs in family films like Hotel for Dogs and 101 Dalmations. They make us laugh, they make us cry. The cinema would be the poorer without them.

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures/GK Films

Blackie – a dastardly plot?

Of course there’s a commercial element to these Oscars. Not to mention their value in the marketing mix.  Nevertheless, just because that’s true it doesn’t make the creation of the Golden Collars any less laudable. Apart from the recognition it brings to these clever, hardworking dogs and their owners and trainers, there’s another excellent reason for welcoming them. For it’s been announced that all the proceeds will go to rescue charities. And that alone is a good enough reason, in my book. And it’s appropriate since at least two of the dogs are rescue dogs.

Courtesy of Hollywood News

Hummer- how cute is that!

Categories include best dog in a television series, in a reality television series and in a direct-to-DVD film as well as best dog in a foreign film and best dog in a theatrical film. This last category, like it’s counterpart in the people Oscars before it, has stirred up some controversy.  Originally Blackie the Doberman, star of Hugo, was not included. Until the film’s director, Martin Scorsese kicked up a storm in the media, insisting on the stars inclusion in the list.

Courtesy of The Envelope

Cosmo-from Rescue to Film Star

It was unfair he claimed. Just because cute Jack Russell Uggie, star of The Artist, plays a nice little mascot who does tricks and saves his master’s life, whereas Blackie plays a ferocious guard dog who terrorizes children, that was no reason to exclude her.  To add insult to injury, little Uggie actually has two nominations, the second for his portrayal as Queenie in Water for Elephants.

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures/GK Films
Charlize Theron – nominated for a humanitarian award


Dog News Daily responded by saying that rather than engage in a war of words about two extremely talented dogs it would leave the public decide, via Facebook. If it received 500 nominations for Blackie by 6th February, Blackie would be in.  He’s in! Joining Uggie and Blackie on the short list for Best Dog in a theatrical film are Cosmo, as Arthur, in Beginners, Denver as Skeletor in 50/50 and Hummer as Dolce in Young Adult. Uggie in fact has two nominations, the second for his portrayal as Queenie in Water for Elephants.

Uggie has already won the Palm Dog Award at Cannes in 2011
The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that 10-year-old Uggie will be retiring this year. But he’ll go out on a high – he’s already rehearsing a very funny skit with Oscar host Billy Crystal. So lets hope he cleans up at the awards too – Go Uggie!
Breaking News! After no less than 3 recounts, it’s just been announced that there is a tie in one of the categories for the Golden Collar awards. This is unprecedented! Now I wonder which category that is!? Watch this space.
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