“The true way to render ourselves happy is to love our work and find in it our pleasure.”FRANCOISE DE MOTTEVILLE

Here are just some of the people who have made my work a pleasure:

We briefed Clodagh to develop a strap line for our new business Central Working that would simply express the benefit. I am so pleased with the result – it expresses EXACTLY the heartland we found in the service workshops. And it is confident and grown up – very authoritative. I thought how difficult the brief was, I thought I wouldn’t know where to start. But I knew Clo was very good and the answer is so elegant and simple – as all great answers are. JAMES LAYFIELD, CEO, CENTRAL WORKING

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Clodagh on a number of projects. Clodagh is an example of that rare breed of consultant with good analytical skills on the one hand and immense creativity on the other. She’s a highly gifted and talented writer as well as a consummate researcher. WILLIAM MAUGHAN, INDUSTRIAL CLAIRVOYANTS

I have always found Clodagh’s comments on my writing to be insightful. She is extremely quick to get a good grasp of the subject at hand (no matter how obscure) and this allows her to make useful suggestions to present one’s ideas more clearly. I would wholeheartedly recommend Clodagh as an editor. MARIA MARRO-PERERA, CO-DIRECTOR, YOUNG PROFESSIONALS IN THE ARTS

Clodagh helped me with desk research for a client project when time was tight. She delivered quickly and professionally, as I knew she would. She has a very good grasp on online resources and goes beyond the brief in terms of understanding what you need. She made things easy for me at a time when I was under pressure and I really appreciated it. HELEN WEAVERS, OWNER, REAL WORLD PLANNING

The best writers are usually the least pretentious and Clodagh Phelan is no exception to the rule. GRAEME McCORKELL

An early mentor, Graeme gave me my first copy test. He’s the acclaimed author of the best selling books Advertising that Pulls Response and Direct and Database Marketing. YouiI find them at www.amazon.co.uk

Clodagh is one of a rare, and — in my observation — fast-dwindling breed; a genuinely talented copywriter — tuent, quick, imaginative and intelligent. She could always be relied on to get on with any job and turn out a thoroughly competent and professional piece of finished copy without the need for endless revisions. STUART McCKIBBEN

For many years Head of Copy at the Reader’s Digest Association. Stuart gave me my first full time job in advertising and shared his knowledge generously.

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