“Nothing is a waste of time, if you use the experience wisely.”AUGUSTE RODIN


A good copywriter must be able to enter the clients’ world. My very varied
experiences have proved invaluable. I studied law. I’ve been a social worker.
I’ve had placements in the probation service and the mental health sector and
I’ve worked with homeless families. I’ve been a typist, a P.A., an artists’ model
and a relief driver. And I worked in advertising and marketing for many years.

In my role as a typist I worked at MSW, a direct marketing agency
(later MSW/Rapp and Collins), where I met Graeme McCorkell and
Stuart Heather. They gave me my first break in advertising and I’m
eternally grateful.

I received a more formal training at The Reader’s Digest Association,
probably the best direct marketing training available anywhere. I
moved to Crawfords, then to Foote, Cone and Belding, both high
profile agencies. I left FCB to become joint creative director and
board member of Midas Direct, a full service direct marketing agency.

I’ve been a freelance for many years. I write for agencies and
design groups, for small businesses and household names, for charities,
for individuals, for anyone who needs my brand of clear, succinct copy
and creative thinking.

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