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It’s not just a stone, it’s an M&S stone

Too sexy for the bus - image copyright M&S

Oh dear, M&S, haven’t you been reading your bible lately.  What does it say? Be not the one to cast the first stone – maybe not those words exactly but something very much like it. Whatever. The message is clear.   Don’t criticize people if you yourself are guilty of the same transgression. Be careful whom you throw your metaphorical – or in this case litigious – stones at, lest they bounce back and hit you in your shapely derrière.

You went all holier than thou back in the spring, when Anne Summers mounted a clever, tongue in cheek advertising campaign. Got your knickers in a right old twist and came over all apoplectic when they misappropriated your famous slogan and turned it into ‘It’s not just Sex, it’s Anne Summers Sex.’ You threatened court action. They withdrew.

And now it’s your turn. Of course you haven’t misappropriated anyone’s advertising.  Perish the thought.  But you have, what shall I say, come over a little fruity.  Too fruity for the ASA who considered that the image of a scantily clothed lady, spread all over the side of a bus, was a little – well lets say a little too Anne Summers for their liking.

To be fair, as you yourselves say in your defence, you are well known as a lingerie retailer and the ad simply reflected the product. And in fact only fifteen people actually complained, which is hardly a flood.  Nevertheless, given your rather humourless reaction to the Ann Summers campaign, I can’t resist a smile to see you get a mild slap on your own ever so worthy wrist.


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