Clodagh worked with me on Barclay’s Wealth and Dogs Trust among others. She delivered great copy and was fast, efficient, on time and on budget. But best of all the work was cogent, inspiring and persuasive. When you need a copywriter it does help when the work has charm and intelligence but above all it sells. Use her today


It also helps when the client is charming and intelligent too! Working with Graeme is always fun. Absolutely the best kind of work. Take a look at and

Good communication requires that the copywriter understands the fundamentals of the business, whether it be banks or baked beans. Clodagh’s copy sells because she grasps the nature of your business and she knows what makes people tick.

My work with Creese and Associates included the brochures for the Civil Service and the two-year project with Royal Mail. It was always a pleasure to work with Martin and his team.

Clodagh has always written superbly effective and persuasive copy for our clients. Her standards are very high, no matter what we are dealing with complex direct mail campaigns where customer response is vital, or corporate communications where attention to corporate detail Is as essential as creative flair.

Clodagh’s consistent attention to detail and her rigorous focus on logic and simplicity make her copywriting an immense asset to any advertising or design project. A small flyer receives no less care than a large corporate brochure or a direct mail campaign, and Clodagh never forgets that any part of a campaign is an integral part of a larger totality. Her creative Input always has an underlying strategic value, and her advice is always fertile and helpful.

Clodagh is part of our network of creative associates and we’re very proud to recommend her work.

I’ve worked with Preman consistently throughout my freelance career. I’m proud to recommend him to you in turn. He has a brilliant original mind. For intelligent, thoughtful design visit his website at

I’ve been a copywriter myself. And I’ve worked with many different writers over the past 20 years. But have never met one to better Clodagh, myself included. If you want it done right there’s really only one name you need to put on your list.

If you’ve the courage to tear up the rule book and be outrageous, go and talk to these guys. Your company will be happier and more profitable and you’ll have a brilliant time. They’re magic, I love them. I love working with them and you will too. For a taste, go to

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