A nice cup of coffee – and a cat

Or indeed several cats.  Most apartment buildings in Japan don’t allow residents to keep pets. Some do but they are at the expensive end of the market. The astute, cat-loving Japanese have come with the ideal solution.  Cat cafės.  Here in the U.K. we now have therapy dogs and cats that visit residential homes – perhaps we could make their presence more permanent in day centres and care homes. Of course there is a question of hygiene, but cats are clean creatures and the Japanese seem to manage in a café so why not in a day centre. As to health and safety, I’m sure most folks would rather injure themselves tripping over a cat than lying neglected in a bed.  Besides, cats are clever. They’d get out of the way.

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2 Responses to A nice cup of coffee – and a cat

  1. Lorraine Jones says:

    I’ve seen cat cafes on a programme called” must love cats”
    I think it’s a brilliant idea, and should have them over here, for people who can’t have pets utility would love to spend time with the cats. I’m an owner of five cats now has five weeks ago marmalade was run over and killed I was devastated we had him cremated. People keep asking me if I’m getting a kitten, why do people think I would want to replace him well the answer is no, Marmalade was a stray who had been run over he survived with a broken pelvis and so I took him in was lucky enough to have him for two and a half years. R.I.P my baby boy.

  2. So sorry to hear about poor Marmalade. Eric was also a stray who came to me and then shattered his leg. He was with me for 7 years. You can read about him on the blog. Yes the cafes are a brilliant idea – so are the ‘caring’ cats and dogs who visit people in retirement homes.

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